Man in pullover, driving cap, and sunglasses wearing Monte Carlo gloves


We are Stompers Gloves. We specialize in providing top of the line leather gloves. While most glove brands have changed to hybrid materials, Stompers Gloves is remaining true to our roots in leather. We are the very proud owners of the distinguished and classic brand Pratt & Hart, and the brand police, military and security professionals turn to, Tough Gloves. We have made it our purpose, as a company; to not only bring you our own high caliber brands, but the best leather gloves in the industry. Stompers Gloves is here to provide you with high quality and fashionable gloves at the prices you love.

When you select Pratt & Hart leather gloves you have chosen a name that ensures a promise of quality that is the cornerstone of our reputation. The Pratt & Hart Men’s and Women’s Leather Gloves Collections come in several fashionable and functional styles. We offer leather driving gloves, lined leather gloves for winter, leather mittens, alpine gloves for snow, and touchscreen-capable leather gloves for electronics use. Combining enduring artistry and superior craftsmanship, Pratt & Hart leather gloves for men and women are designed to last the sands of time.

When you choose Tough Gloves you’re choosing a leather glove that is designed to get the job done. Tough Gloves are the ultimate tactical gloves on the market. After 30 years of being the go to choice for Law Enforcement, Damascus Glove Company, decided to discontinue their storied D301, D302 gloves; Tough Gloves stepped in and purchased the patterns for those legendary gloves. From there we made some improvements to the already great gloves by adjusting the fit and making the decision to switch to Cabretta Leather, a lighter, stronger and softer leather that provides a better fit for more precision work; thus, the Tough Gloves you know today were born. With these amazing gloves you can write notes, handle your firearm and safely do those searches without ever taking them off. Tough Gloves are water-repellant and built to last. Join our many uniformed men and women who already trust their hands to Tough Gloves.

At Stompers Gloves, we are proud to bring together all of our diverse brands into one auspicious shopping experience. You’ll find our amazing collections of gloves are made for every occasion. Take a relaxing summer drive down the coast, go on a spontaneous winter ski holiday, or feel secure in the line of duty that our brands can provide. At Stompers Gloves you know you’re getting top quality gloves at affordable prices every time.