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Our leather driving gloves provide a comfortable grip, enhanced control and dexterity for all your adventures. Experience ultimate comfort and style with Driving Gloves - the perfect companion for any journey!

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Best Driving Gloves

Pratt and Hart™ brand is known for quality driving gloves at an affordable price. We offer the best winter driving gloves at attractive prices. Pratt & Hart is known for the best fingerless driving gloves, the best leather driving gloves, the best men’s driving gloves, and we carry the most versatile and best winter driving gloves.

The Streamline Driving Glove is one of the best leather driving gloves made for women on the market. Made from high quality North American deer skins these are the best winter driving gloves going. Deer skin makes for a great winter driving glove because deer leather has great insulating properties and does not get stiff and hard if it gets wet from the snow.

The Pratt & Hart Upshift Driving Glove is our best leather driving gloves if you are looking for a classically designed leather driving glove for women. This lightweight super-soft sheepskin leather driving glove has the traditional knuckle holes, the fingers feature air vents on the palm side of the fingers, and a hook and loop wrist closure for the perfect fit. With the attention to detail, and the fine quality leather, these are the best leather driving gloves you will find at this price level.

The Pratt & Hart’s best men’s driving glove is the Silverstone, which is similar to the glove made famous by Ryan Gosling in the movie ‘Drive.’  Our Silverstone gloves are our best leather driving gloves for men as evidenced by the high quality Sheepskin leather, attention to detail such as the reinforced traditional knuckle holes and air vents on both the back of the hands and the palm side of what we believe to be the best leather men’s driving gloves available today!

Pratt and Hart is pleased to offer the best fingerless driving gloves in the industry; Our Barcelona Gloves feature a snap closure reinforced knuckle holes and air vents on both the palm and back side of the hand.   When you want a fingerless driving glove, look no farther, Silverstone gloves are the best leather driving gloves, period, end of sentence.

Which type of driving gloves are best for summer?

Fingerless driving gloves are popular for summer as they provide better ventilation and allow for increased airflow to keep hands cool. The open-finger design of fingerless gloves offers greater breathability and flexibility, making them suitable for warmer temperatures and providing a better grip on the steering wheel.

Are leather driving gloves washable?

To clean, use Stompers Leather Cleaner and a soft cloth to remove dirt and stains. Let the gloves air dry at room temperature, avoiding direct heat sources. Then, apply a small amount of Stompers Leather Conditioner with a soft cloth to moisturize the leather. Let the conditioner set into the glove before wearing it.

Should driving gloves be tight or loose?

Driving gloves should fit snugly but not overly tight. A proper fit ensures optimal control, grip, and dexterity while driving. Gloves that are too loose may reduce tactile sensitivity and compromise control, while too tight gloves can restrict movement and be uncomfortable. Choosing driving gloves that provide a secure and comfortable fit for enhanced driving performance is essential.

How long do leather driving gloves last?

The lifespan of driving leather gloves can vary depending on various factors, including the quality of the leather, frequency of use, and proper care and maintenance. If they are the right fit, well-maintained, and not subjected to excessive wear and tear, driving leather gloves can last for several years. Regularly clean and condition the gloves to keep the leather in good condition and prolong their lifespan.