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Get the perfect fit and protection you need for your police duties with police leather gloves. Our gloves are designed to protect and provide comfortable wear for any activity - from shooting to riding your horse or motorcycle.

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Best Police Gloves

Police leather gloves can be used in many different environments and situations. A great pair of police leather gloves completes your uniform.  The best police gloves add to your uniform and thus the air of authority that comes with your training and experience.

The best police gloves should protect your hands which will allow you to protect and serve!  Your hands are the most important tools in your crime fighting arsenal. Police leather gloves should fit like second skin while also providing you with superior dexterity and non-slip grip.  The best police gloves will allow you to write with a pen, type on a keyboard, or pick up a dime.

Police leather gloves will protect your hands while you are shooting, driving your patrol car, riding your horse, motorcycle, or even cuffing a suspect. Here at Stompers Gloves™, you’ll find a fine selection of police gloves that can be used while you are on duty. We carry everything you’ll need to get through your shift in comfort and style from highly respected Pratt and Hart® brand police gloves and our premium police leather gloves, Tough Gloves®.

Tough Gloves are the best police gloves going.  These leather police gloves will keep your hands covered all year round with ultra-thin and extremely durable Cabretta Leather.  At just .6mm or just over 2 one hundredths of an inch in thickness, our Cabretta Leather is amazingly strong and durable.  When you want the best police gloves, choose Tough Gloves! When you need high performing winter police gloves, Tough Gloves also offers our premium insulated Elite patrol gloves and our Enforcer Lined Gauntlets.

To maintain our high standards for the best leather police gloves, we limit how many police leather gloves we make each year. Stompers Gloves only offers Pratt and Hart and Tough Gloves brand police leather gloves on our websites and from a few carefully selected retailers in North America, the UK and Europe.

Can police gloves be used for shooting?

Yes, police gloves can be used for shooting. These gloves are designed to provide law enforcement professionals with thin and tactile gloves for enhanced dexterity and control during shooting activities.

We have a wide selection of Police Gloves made of ultra-thin Cabretta Leather, which allows for high sensitivity and grip while handling firearms. The unlined gloves provide a closer fit and increased tactile feedback, which is crucial for shooting accuracy and weapon manipulation.

Can police gloves be used for riding?

While police gloves can be versatile, they may not be specifically designed for riding horses. Police gloves are primarily designed for law enforcement duties and activities that require skill, grip, and protection.

For riding horses, it is generally recommended to use gloves that are specifically designed for equestrian purposes. Equestrian gloves often feature additional padding, reinforcement, and specialized materials to grip the reins better, protect against friction, and offer more comfort during riding.

Can Police gloves be used in winter weather?

Police gloves like the Grenadier Men’s All-purpose Winter Gloves with SmartTek™ lining can be used in winter weather conditions. These gloves are designed to provide warmth and functionality during cold weather while performing law enforcement duties.