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The trusted name for uniformed professionals, Tough Gloves delivers precision performance for any task.

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You need a glove that will protect your hands while you get the job done, don’t you? But you don’t need just any glove. You need a Tough Gloves glove. Why do you need Tough Gloves; because, Tough Gloves is the trusted name for uniformed professionals. We earned that trust because we deliver precision performance to everyone, for any task. At Tough Gloves we carry the best gloves for law enforcement, well-crafted from the finest thinnest Cabretta Leather we can find. At just .6mm our leather is so thin you can pick up a dime yet strong enough to protect your hands. But, it is not just the quality of the leather that makes our best police search gloves so great, and in demand. Tough Gloves is a high-quality product, lined or unlined, with craftsmanship that allows for full-fingered dexterity while keeping you warm in the coldest of winters. Tough Gloves are not just police gloves. Tough Gloves gloves are the best gloves for military, dress and perfect for when you need great leather driving gloves. We have gloves that allow you to handle any electronic device without ever having to take your gloves off. Tough Gloves even carries dressy gloves for a night on the town, Officer dress gloves, and lined gauntlets, as well as gloves that are perfect for hitting the road or riding your motorcycle. So whether you’re a security guard, policeman, or just well dressed, you’re on a mission. You’re a man or woman who demands a quality product that will protect your hands while you do what needs to be done. So get Tough Gloves, the glove for women and men who demand the best, even if you’re just running around town.