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Officer Dress Glove




Tough Gloves Officer Dress Gloves
• Snap closure at wrist for great fit
• Unlined
• .45 ultra-thin Cabretta Leather with 3M Scotchgard Water Repellency


The Tough Gloves Officer Dress Leather Gloves offer a sophisticated and refined look because they’re made of soft supple leather. They’re perfect for public appearances and ceremonies. It doesn’t matter if you’re a military honor guard or wearing your police dress uniform. And that’s because these Cabretta Leather Gloves were designed with the Officer in mind. The glove is unlined and features a snap closure at the wrist. They’re also ultra-thin! Look sharp in your uniform or suit with the Officer Dress Glove.

Best Police Leather Gloves

If you have ever been to a formal ceremony for the military, or law enforcement, you already know there is something stylish and sharp about these well-dressed uniformed men and women. And if you have noticed the uniform, you will have noticed that part of that uniform is the officer dress glove, like the officer dress glove from Stompers Gloves. Available in black or white, for both men and women, and in various styles, these are the best police leather gloves available on the market. The Officer Dress Gloves are part of the Tough Gloves brand. All Tough Gloves are made from the best .45mm ultra-thin, extremely strong, and super soft and supple Cabretta Leather we can find. Plus, they have 3M Scotchgard Water Repellency and a snap closure at the wrist. This ensures a great fit and offers that sharp look often associated with cadets, police graduates, and other uniformed personnel. The Tough Gloves Officer Dress Gloves are also unlined, which makes them the perfect police motorcycle gloves for summer use. That’s because they were made with the uniformed professional in mind. In addition to that sharp look, imagine riding down the highway or down the street. Your hands are pelted by debris and the wind sucks the moisture right out of them, making them dry and chapped. So if you’re out on the road, protect your hands from scratches and the elements all day long, rain or shine. The Officer Dress Leather Gloves are the best police gloves, They will offer a sophisticated and refined look and protect your hands, too! In fact, some might say the Officer Dress Glove just might possibly be the best leather gloves we offer.

How do I know what size of gloves to buy?

So you want to buy a pair of our awesome gloves but have no idea what size your hand is? You’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll go through all of the steps of measuring your hand to ensure you get the right fit.

Here’s what you’re going to need!

· Our Measuring Chart

· A tape measure (or a string and a ruler)

· A friend (this is optional but helpful)

Are you a lefty or a righty?

We suggest using the measurement of your dominant hand. Since it is likely the hand you will do the most with, it makes sense to have the most accurate fit on that hand.

With your opposite hand, or if you have a friend who can help, take the tape measure or string. Wrap it around your main hand excluding the thumb. Start in between the thumb and index fingers just above the webbing. Wrap around the widest part of your hand about halfway between the base of your pinkie and your wrist. This should be just below your knuckles if looking at the back of your hand. Look at the overlap or grab the string at the meeting point and measure with a ruler and the number shown is your size!

Now using our chart you can get your measurement in metric, imperial (that’s inches) or letters. Enjoy your gloves!

Measure all the way around your hand just below the knuckles.

Inches CM Size
5½ – 6 14 – 15 6 Women XS Men 2XS
6 – 7 15 – 18 7 Women M Men XS
7 – 8 18 – 20 8 Women L Men S
8 – 9 20 – 23 9 Women 2XL Men M
9 – 10 23 – 25 10 Men L
10 – 11 25 – 28 11 Men XL
11 – 12 28 – 30 12 Men 2XL
12 – 13 30 – 33 13 Men 3XL

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